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Oakwell Hops-Infused Hair Oil
Oakwell Hops-Infused Hair Oil
Oakwell Hops-Infused Hair Oil
Oakwell Hops-Infused Hair Oil
Oakwell Hops-Infused Hair Oil
Oakwell Hops-Infused Hair Oil

Hop-Infused Hair Oil

$19.00 1.0 FL OZ / 29.6 ML
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Nourish and tame your hair (or beard) with Oakwell Cosmetics Hop-Infused Hair Oil. It’s made with hops from beer and nutrient-packed essential oils to moisturize, strengthen, and eliminate itchy, dry skin.

Beer hair oil benefits:
A restorative hair oil that hydrates and strengthens
✓ Works well for all hair and beard types
✓ Supports healthy hair growth for a look you’ll love
✓ Alleviates itchy and dry skin
✓  Smells fresh

All hair and beard types

Clean, herbaceous, woodsy

Paraben Free icon Sulfate Free icon Cruelty Free icon Vegan icon
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Key Ingredients – The Good Stuff
Cleanse and nourish your skin and hair with hops, an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial flower used in beer.
Cedar cones
Promote hair growth, rebalance natural oils, and combat dirt with cedarwood oil.
Rosemary sprigs
Treat dry skin (or scalp) with rosemary oil to encourage nourishment and hair growth.
Fight hair loss and thinning with lime juice, which has vitamin C that helps produce collagen, a necessary protein for healthy hair.
How to Use Your Hop-Infused Hair Oil
1Dispense a few drops of oil into your palm.
2Gently work the oil into dry hair or beard.
3Style as you’d like.
Hop-Infused Hair Oil FAQs

Beer is excellent for hair care because it contains nutrient-rich ingredients, including protein-packed hops, that cleanse and hydrate. Many people also find that beer hair products help address hair loss and thinning.

A beard oil with essential oils nourishes and moisturizes skin and hair to boost healthy growth.

You can use Oakwell Cosmetics beer hair oil for any hair type. If you have naturally oily hair, we recommend using it once weekly.

If you don’t apply too much hair oil to your roots, your hair won’t look greasy. The best amount of oil and frequency depends on your hair type.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
"Hair Revival Elixir"

This hair oil is an elixir of revival! My hair is thriving, and I feel like a hair goddess.

Elijah, we're thrilled that our Hair Oil is your elixir of revival, making you feel like a hair goddess! Thriving hair is our mission, and your glowing review motivates us even more. Thank you!

"Hair Confidence Boost"

My hair confidence has skyrocketed! This oil has given me the hair I've always dreamed of.

Lily, we're delighted to have boosted your hair confidence! Making your hair dreams come true is our mission, and we're thrilled to be a part of your journey. Thank you for your wonderful review!

"Hair Enchantment"

I've fallen in love with my hair all over again! This oil has made it feel luxurious and beautiful.

Owen, we're honored to have helped you fall in love with your hair again! Luxurious and beautiful hair is what we strive for, and your satisfaction means the world to us. Thank you!

"Hair Resurrection"

This hair oil resurrected my hair! It's like a phoenix rising from the ashes, full of life and vitality.

Madison, we're thrilled that our Hair Oil has resurrected your hair, bringing it back to life with vitality. Your phoenix-like transformation is what we aim for, and your review is inspiring!

"Ultimate Revival"

Nourishment to the max! This oil has made my hair stronger, healthier, and feeling like a dream.

Henry, we're all about providing ultimate nourishment! Strengthening, improving health, and making your hair feel like a dream are our goals. Thank you for your fantastic review!

Oakwell Hops-Infused Hair Oil

Hop-Infused Hair Oil

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