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Does Beer Help Beard Growth? And Beer Beard-Care Products

Beer can help beard growth, but there are different ways to go about it. In this article, we’re sharing why and how you can use beer for your beard, whether you have a full beard or facial hair you want to grow.

Oakwell Cosmetics makes natural beer-infused products that let you take your hair (and skin) care routine up a notch. Keep reading for our go-to beard care items and tips for healthy beard growth.


Does beer affect your beard?

Consuming beer usually won’t affect beard growth, but using topical products with beer ingredients can. Beer’s main ingredients, hops and barley, have nutrients that support healthy hair growth. When you use products with these ingredients, you can reap these benefits. 

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How Beer Can Help Beard Growth

Beer is packed with beneficial ingredients, including protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. These help beard growth because they support necessary conditions for growth, like strong hair follicles, nourished skin and hair, and hair loss prevention.

Not only is beer good for your beard hair, but it also nourishes and protects the skin underneath for comfortable growth. No more itchy, dry skin!

man looking in mirror and styling with beer products for beard growth

Can I apply beer to my beard?

We recommend using beer products specifically for hair to get the most out of your beard-care routine. Beer-infused products have other ingredients that are beneficial for your beard hair, like oils and plants recommended by dermatologists. Not to mention, simply pouring beer on your beard can get a little messy!

The Best Beer-Infused Beard Care Products

At Oakwell Cosmetics, we carefully create beer-infused products with ingredients the skin and hair love. Our beard care products include a hop-infused hair oil, a strengthening shampoo and conditioner, and a hair mask. 

Each product below contains hops, barley, and natural ingredients that support healthy beards for all hair types. They also have an oats, roasted barley, vanilla, and orange aroma, which smells amazing and fresh without being too overpowering.

Hop-Infused Hair (Beard) Oil

Hop-Infused Beard Oil for beard growth

Oakwell Cosmetics Hop-Infused Hair Oil is perfect for nourishing and taming your beard. It contains hops, cedarwood, rosemary, and lime for hair growth, moisture, and shine.

Although there isn’t evidence showing beard oil helps growth, it can help maintain a healthy, nice-looking beard. Beard oil moisturizes the skin and hair, which makes it easier to manage as your beard grows. This can also support healthier growth.

Strengthening Beer Shampoo

Strengthening Shampoo for beard growth

Oakwell Cosmetics Strengthening Beer Shampoo is a natural cleanser you can use for your hair and beard. It’s made with beer, cedarwood, wheat protein, and willow bark, which treats breakage, improves appearance, and encourages shine.

Not only does washing your beard get rid of excess oil to keep it clean and add volume, but medical professionals and dermatologists say it also prevents skin infections and conditions caused by bacteria. And keeping your skin healthy is necessary for beard growth.

Strengthening Beer Conditioner

Strengthening Conditioner for beard growth

Oakwell Cosmetics Strengthening Beer Conditioner pairs perfectly with the shampoo. You can use it daily to keep your beard nourished and strong. The conditioner has beer, cedarwood, wheat protein, and hemp seed oil to moisturize and protect your beard hair.

The skin under your beard can be sensitive, so you can't use all hair shampoos and conditioner. However, Oakwell Cosmetics are gentle and safe for beards.

Beer Hair (Beard) Mask

Beer hair mask for beard growth

Oakwell Cosmetics Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is ideal if your beard needs some serious love. It moisturizes and restores your hair, beards included! It works for all beard hair types and rehydrates without making your beard too oily.

When you deep condition your beard once or twice weekly, you care for the hair follicles and hair to promote healthy growth.

Can beer-infused products make my beard grow faster?

You can make your beard grow faster by using products with beneficial skin and hair ingredients. Beer-infused products have vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that support healthy hair follicles and growth. Without using these products, you might struggle with slower or thinner growth because your hair isn’t strong and healthy.

Does Beer Help Beard Growth? Conclusion

Beer-infused haircare products have beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that nourish and hydrate your skin and hair for healthy beard growth. We recommend spending a few minutes every day caring for your beard with Oakwell Cosmetics haircare products.

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