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Bathing in Beer (& How You Can Take a Beer Bath at Home)

Bathing in beer offers many benefits

Bathing in beer is a unique experience that offers many wellness benefits. And with our favorite Herbal Beer Bath Tea, you can take a beer bath at home for the ultimate self-care.

In this article, we'll discuss what a beer bath is, its benefits, and how you can bathe in beer at home. We'll also share other beer products and beneficial skin and hair care routine.

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What’s in a beer bath?

A beer bath is usually a warm bath infused with beneficial beer ingredients, hops and barley. The bath blend usually has herbs that also offer wellness effects too.

Hops are flowers from a Humulus lupulus plant that add flavor and aroma to beer. Malted barley is the grain used to make beer.

These ingredients have nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that are good for your mind and body. They also have topical effects, which is why many people enjoy taking beer baths.

What are the benefits of bathing in beer?

There are many beer bath benefits, including stress, anxiety, and pain relief. Beer baths are also good for your skin and offer cleansing and anti-aging effects to promote natural glow.

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Many people enjoy the sense of tranquility that comes with soaking in warm water. A recent study also shows that baths can improve your quality of life by lowering stress levels and increasing happiness.

Hops in beers are also a natural sedative that encourages relaxation and improves sleep. After a beer bath, you can expect to feel calm and ready for a good night's rest.

Clean, Radiant Skin

Warm baths offer deep cleansing effects, and beer ingredients also have cleaning properties, which result in clean, radiant, and glowing skin.

As you take a warm beer bath, you

  • Sweat and detoxify
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Eliminate bacteria and dirt


Beer’s malted barley is known to smooth collagen and elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles for skin that looks and feels great. Bathing in beer ingredients and warm water also nourishes and hydrates the skin, which is necessary for fighting premature aging.

Pain & Stiffness Relief

A beer bath is an effective solution if you experience muscle or joint pain or stiffness. Warm water and beer’s nutrients reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to help you feel and move better. It also helps release pressure pushing down on your joints.

This is why experts also recommend warm baths for athletes and people with arthritis.

Better Circulation

When you’re taking a bath, your blood vessels expand, improving your circulation. When blood and oxygen flow easily, your organs can function appropriately for optimal health, improving your day-to-day life and illness recovery or prevention.

Hormone Balance

Warm baths alone can help balance your hormones, and bathing in beer’s beneficial ingredients offers additional benefits. Beer baths can help you decrease stress hormones and release more happiness and wellness chemicals.

Balanced hormones help just about all parts of your health, including sleep, weight, fertility, and mood.

    How to Take a Beer Bath at Home

    Enjoy the benefits of bathing in beer with a luxurious and soothing at-home beer bath.

    Oakwell Cosmetics Herbal Beer Bath Tea is an aromatic blend of hops, barley, and eucalyptus in a tea bag. It’s perfect for all skin types and has a minty, woodsy, and herbal scent that most people enjoy.

    Oakwell Cosmetics Herbal Beer Bath Tea

     Place your Oakwell Cosmetics Herbal Beer Bath Tea in your warm bath, or hang it on your bath spout when filling your tub.

    After your relaxing therapeutic beer bath, your skin will be

    • Clean
    • Soft
    • Hydrated
    • Glowing

    Uplevel Your Bath Experience

    We hope this article inspired you to appreciate beer bath benefits. Oakwell Cosmetics creates natural and unique, beer-inspired items so you can enjoy the wellness effects of beer’s nutritional ingredients.

    Bathing in the Herbal Beer Bath Tea is the ideal, rejuvenating self-care experience. You can also take it up a notch with other Oakwell Cosmetics bath items, like the Beer Hair Mask, Waffle Bath Robe & Towel, and Relaxing Candle.

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