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31 may 2024 5 min read By: Polly Clover

Skincare for Men: Top Tips from Dermatologists

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The men’s skincare product market size was an estimated $16B in 2023 worldwide. That’s expected to nearly double in the next ten years. As more men are prioritizing healthy skin, it’s important to understand skincare for men.

In this article, we’ll discuss top skin care tips from dermatologists. We’ll share how you can care for your skin, choose the best skincare products and routines, and our favorite products for men.

Why is skincare important for men?

Skincare is important for men because it can prevent harmful skin conditions, improve your skin’s appearance, and boost your confidence, says Dr. T N Rekha Singh, MBBS, MD, with Olivia Skin & Hair Clinic.

Taking care of your skin with appropriate products can address common issues, such as acne, ingrown hairs, razor burns, and more severe concerns, like skin cancer. It can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Taking care of your skin can also help you feel good about yourself and maintain or improve your self-esteem.

Skincare is also an excellent way to practice self-care, as it can help you slow down, recover from stress, and boost your mood.



Is skincare for men the same as for women?

Skincare for men and women is different. According to Dr. Mary Mina, a Harvard-trained dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, men usually have thicker, more oily skin than women. This is why men often have a rougher texture and larger pores prone to clogging. 

Because men and women have different skin types and preferences for caring for their skin, their skincare routines should be unique to their specific wants and needs. This is why a simple skincare routine is best for some men, which we’ll discuss more below.

Skincare Tips for Men

Knowing your skin type, understanding ingredients, choosing the best products, and creating a skincare routine can help you effectively take care of your skin.

Determine Your Skin Type

Your skincare products and routine should be appropriate for your skin type, says Singh. 

The most common skin types are:

  • Oily - Greasy, shiny appearance and acne-prone
  • Dry - Coarse texture, more visible lines, and may feel tight
  • Sensitive - Blotchy patches, redness, and possible itchiness
  • Normal - Isn’t oily, dry, or sensitive
  • Combination - A mix of oily and dry areas

If you’re not sure what your skin type is or would like personalized advice, you can consult a dermatologist.

Understand Skincare Ingredients

There are many skincare ingredients, so it’s essential to understand what they are and which ones are best. You can usually do a quick Google search to determine if a skincare ingredient is harmful or not, as long as the source is reliable, like a dermatologist.

The best skincare ingredients include: 

  • Glycolic acid - Removes dead skin cells, smooths wrinkles, and promotes natural glow 
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - Calms skin irritation and balances hydration and oil production
  • Colloidal oatmeal - Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Shea butter - Alleviates redness, inflammation, and dry skin
  • Activated charcoal - Removes dirt, oil, and bacteria
  • Retinol - Boosts collagen, improves acne, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dimethicone - Moisturizes the skin
  • Natural oils - Nourish and hydrate the skin 

Choose the Best Products

Singh recommends using skincare products with natural, beneficial ingredients and avoiding harsh chemicals. It’s best to opt for paraben and silicone-free products, as these chemicals can be harmful to your skin. 

You also want to avoid fragrances as they can cause irritation. Although essential oils can be helpful for natural fragrance, try not to overdo them, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Basic skincare for men requires:

Singh suggests reading reviews and seeking professional recommendations to help you choose the right products. You can also try a few out and see which ones leave your skin feeling and looking its best.

Skincare products

Create a Skincare Routine

While there are many possible skincare routines to follow, it’s best to choose one that’s appropriate for you. Not only do you want to focus on your individual skincare needs, but you also want a skincare routine you can stick to. 

Singh recommends the following simple skincare routine for men:

  • Cleansing - Use a gentle face wash in the morning and evening and a gentle soap or body wash when you shower
  • Toning - Apply a toner to balance your skin’s pH levels and tighten your pores for healthy skin
  • Moisturizing - After toning, apply face moisturizer and body lotion to maintain hydration and promote skin elasticity 
  • Sun protection - Use sunscreen each morning, even on cloudy days, to protect your skin

You can always start with a simple routine like this and make changes as you see best fit. However, Mina says a minimal routine is often best for practicality and not overdoing it with too many products.

Shave Like a Pro

A common issue for men is irritated skin due to shaving. Whether you shave occasionally to maintain your beard or you shave often, it helps to have a purposeful shaving routine as part of your skincare regimen.

Mina suggests the following tips for shaving and preventing uncomfortable razor bumps:

  • Shave when your face is wet - This helps soften your skin and hair follicles, making it easier to shave and remove hair
  • Apply shaving cream in a circular motion - This allows you to thoroughly coat your hair for easier removal
  • Use a clean, new razor - Replace your razor every few shaves, and don’t store your razor in the shower as it can collect excess bacteria
  • Apply moisturizer after shaving - This hydrates the skin and seals in moisture
  • Avoid alcohol-based aftershaves - These can irritate and dry out your skin
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Skincare for Men: Conclusion

We hope you found this article helpful and feel confident about skincare for men. Understanding your skin type, the best ingredients and products, and a skincare routine that works for you is the best way to support healthy skin.

Oakwell Cosmetics is one of the best skincare brands for men. We use beer’s beneficial ingredients, hops and barley, and other natural ingredients to create gentle products for all skin types.


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