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The Best Beard Care Routine and Styling Tips for Any Length

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Beards can either take your look up a notch or look unkempt and do the opposite. In this article, we’ll share the best beard care routine, products, and grooming tips for a beard you love and feel confident about.

Whether you’re looking for beard care tips for beginners or want to improve your current routine, we’ve got you covered.

How should I take care of my beard?

Take care of your beard with a simple daily beard care routine and occasionally trimming and conditioning your beard. This will help you grow and maintain a healthy, nice-looking beard.

Daily Beard Care Routine

To support and maintain a healthy and groomed beard, follow these steps for a daily beard care routine:

1. Use warm water and a gentle cleanser to wash your beard daily.

2. Dry your beard with a hair dryer on low heat, or use a towel to gently pat it dry.

3. Moisturize and condition your beard with oil or balm, which will also help you style it.

4. Brush your beard with a beard comb or brush to detangle it and evenly distribute oils.

You can follow this beard routine once daily in the morning or twice daily in the morning and before bed. Beard oils or balms are leave-in cosmetics used to nourish the hair and skin, so you don’t need to wash them out before bed.

Upkeeping Your Beard

Aside from your daily routine, upkeep your beard by trimming it and treating it with a beard mask.

As your beard starts growing out, you can manage it with scissors or a trimmer. How often you do this depends on the look you're going for and how quickly your beard grows. Most people trim their beards three to four times per month.

If you’re new to having a beard, go to a barber to shape it once it starts growing out. This ensures you have a beard shape that suits your face shape and gives you something to go by when trimming in the future.

We recommend using a beard mask to condition and hydrate your beard once or twice weekly. 

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The Best Beard Care Products

The best thing about beard grooming is you only need a few products.

  • Comb (or brush)
  • Cleanser
  • Oil
  • Conditioning Mask

Beard Comb (or brush)

You can use a beard brush or comb for grooming or use both. Beard brushes and combs help detangle, style, and evenly distribute oils. A brush or comb both work well for long beards, while a brush is best for short beards.

A wood comb and a boar bristle brush are ideal for a static-free beard.

Beard Cleanser

Dr. Anthony Rossi, a dermatologist, recommends using a gentle cleanser rather than soap to wash your beard. 

Oakwell Cosmetics Moisturizing Beer Shampoo is an excellent option for washing your beard because it’s chemical-free and made with a delicate beer blend, essential oils, and botanical extracts. You can use it to cleanse and moisturize your hair and beard.

Beer Shampoo

Beard Oil

Nourish and tame your beard with Oakwell Cosmetics Hop-Infused Hair Oil. It has nutrient-packed ingredients your beard will love, including:

  • Hops - an inflammatory and antibacterial flower used in beer
  • Cedarwood - a natural oil that promotes hair growth, balances natural oils, and fights against dirt buildup
  • Rosemary - a natural oil that treats dry skin and hair to prevent itching and promote healthy beard growth
  • Lime - a fruit rich in vitamin C that produces collagen to support healthy hair growth and prevent thinning
Beard Oil

Beard Mask

A beard mask lets you restore your beard and bring it back to life. Use Oakwell Cosmetics Beer Hair Mask up to twice per week to keep a healthy, conditioned beard. It’s made with a natural blend of nourishing beer ingredients, coconut oil, and wheat protein. 

Let the mask sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it to prevent hair loss or thinning, promote strong beard growth and shine, and hydrate for silky smoothness.

Hair Mask

Beard Care Grooming Tips

In addition to following your beard care routine, simple grooming tips can help you grow and maintain a healthy beard.

  • Thoroughly cleanse - Your beard and skin are susceptible to dirt, oil, and bacteria. Prevent this from building up, drying out your beard and skin, and affecting the look by carefully washing once or twice daily.
  • Use natural, chemical-free products - Chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients can damage your skin and beard. Choose gentle products with few ingredients.
  • Create a beard care kit - You only need a few beard products to create a handy kit that will easily last you for months.
  • Don't overdo trimming - When grooming your beard with scissors or a trimmer, less is sometimes more. Don't overdo it trying to perfect it. Beards should be groomed but don't need to be flawlessly symmetrical.
  • Use a barber - If you need guidance with your beard, especially if you’re new to having one, consult your barber.

Beard Care FAQs

To learn more about caring for your beard, let’s explore common questions.

Should you comb your beard?

Comb your beard to detangle it and evenly distribute oils for a healthy, nice look and better growth. You can also use a brush for styling, especially if you have a short beard.

Should I use beard balm or oil?

Beard oil is best for simple grooming and daily care to hydrate skin and hair. Beard balm is thicker and can help with a more defined style. 

Should I put beard oil in my beard every day?

It's best to use beard oil at least once daily for a healthy look and to prevent dry skin and hair. If you have coarse beard hair or dry skin, you can use beard oil up to a few times daily.

Beard Care: Conclusion

We hope this guide to the best beard care routine and products was helpful for you. Maintaining and grooming your beard is well worth the effort for a look you love!

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