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19 abr 2024 4 min read By: Polly Clover

Beer for Hair Growth: Here's What You Need to Know

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Beer isn’t only for drinking! Many people use beer to promote hair growth, but does it really work? In this article, we’ll discuss the science behind beer for hair growth, the best way to use beer for your hair, and our favorite beer-infused products.

Although there’s no direct evidence that beer can make your hair grow, it does contain ingredients that can support healthy hair growth. Let’s explore how this can work for your hair so you can decide the best hair care for you.

Does drinking beer make hair grow faster?

Beer contains nutrients that are beneficial for healthy hair, but drinking it doesn’t directly make your hair grow. 

According to U.S. News Health, beer is 90% water and contains ingredients that support healthy hair growth, including small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and copper. Beer also contains B vitamins, which many hair specialists say strengthen and condition hair follicles.

Can I pour beer on my hair?

While pouring beer on your hair likely isn't harmful, we recommend using beer-infused products made specifically for hair care, like washing hair with beer shampoo and using a beer hair mask. This is easier than pouring beer on your hair, and hair products with beer ingredients are specifically designed for use on hair.

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Is beer shampoo good for hair growth?

Beer shampoo can support hair growth because it contains ingredients that promote healthy hair. The key is choosing a beer shampoo with natural, non-harmful ingredients. 

Beer is made with hops, the flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant, and barley. Hops contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties that can nourish hair. Barley has zinc and B vitamins that hydrate and strengthen the hair.

When you use a shampoo infused with these ingredients, you can reap the benefits of beer for your hair, which can support hair growth.

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How to Use Beer for Hair Growth

Oakwell Cosmetics makes products with beer that you can specifically use to wash, hydrate, and strengthen your hair. They smell great, too!

All Oakwell Cosmetics hair products are made with natural, gentle ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals your hair loves. They’re also paraben, silicone, and cruelty-free, so you don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients. 

Our favorite beer hair products for men, women, and anyone, include:

  • Beer Shampoo - Choose from the Strengthening or Moisturizing Beer Shampoo, which cleanse and nourish your hair 
  • Beer Conditioner - Pair your shampoo with the Strengthening or Moisturizing Beer Conditioner for silky, smooth hair.
  • Beer Hair Mask - Use the conditioning hair mask to hydrate and nourish your hair for a look and feel you love.
  • Hops-Infused Hair Oil - Nourish and tame your hair or beard with this restorative oil, which hydrates and strengthens for healthy growth.
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    Using Beer for Hair Loss

    Although beer isn’t a treatment for hair loss, its vitamins and nutrients can help treat problem areas and strengthen your hair and follicles. 

    Using hair products free from harsh chemicals and that have useful ingredients, like hops, barely, and natural oils, can promote healthy hair growth to combat your hair loss. That said, it's best to consult your dermatologist to ensure you're properly treating hair loss. 

    Other Benefits of Beer for Hair

    There are many benefits of using beer shampoo and other products to wash and care for your hair, including the following:

    • Hydrates and reduces frizz - Vitamin B in beer conditions your hair and locks in appropriate moisture for hydrated, smooth hair.
    • Encourages natural shine - Not only does smooth hair appear shiny, but beer helps strengthen your hair causing less breakage, resulting in smooth, shiny hair.
    • Cleanses and enhances volume - Beer shampoos with cleansing properties help remove oil that’s holding your hair down.
    • Smells good - You don’t have to give up a nice smell to use beer-infused products for your hair. For example, Oakwell Cosmetics shampoos have a fresh, clean aroma. 
    • Helps reduce dandruff - Vitamins and antioxidants in beer shampoo can help treat scalp conditions that cause dandruff, such as dry skin or oil buildup.

    Beer for Hair Growth: Conclusion

    We hope you found this article helpful and understand how you can use beer for hair growth. While there’s no evidence that beer directly impacts hair growth, beer-infused products have nutrients and vitamins that cleanse, hydrate, and repair hair for healthy growth.

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