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15 Self-Care Gifts for Women (Practical, Fun, & Unique)


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Self-care is essential for overall well-being and happiness. However, it’s not always so easy to prioritize it. This article shares self-care gifts for women that make it easier to treat themselves to the love they deserve.

Discover the best gifts for your loved one or acquaintance who could use some relaxation. You'll find something for everyone below, including a nourishing face mask, cozy bathrobe, calming candle, and a spa day gift box.

Most of the gifts are affordable, so they’re great if you’re looking for a small gift or want to create a self-care gift basket. You can also splurge with a spa foot bath or fancy essential oil diffuser.

Calming Bath Salts

Taking baths is one of the best self-care activities because it provides many wellness benefits, including stress relief, relaxation, better sleep, and heart health support. 

Oakwell Cosmetics Calming Bath Salts are the perfect way to level up a bath experience. They’re made with a rejuvenating blend of minerals, herbs, and essential oils. They contain Epsom and sea salt, beer’s main ingredients (hops and barley), and oatmeal, all of which make it easier to rest the mind and body.

Jar of calming bath salts

Herbal Beer Bath Tea

Oakwell Cosmetics Herbal Beer Bath Tea is a therapeutic addition to any bath or shower. Think of it as a large tea bag with nourishing ingredients. It contains hops, barley, and eucalyptus, which contain nutrients that encourage relaxation and clean and hydrate the skin.

Your gift recipient can soak in a warm bath with the Herbal Beer Bath Tea or hang the tea bag on the spout while showering.

Bag of beer bath tea

Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers

If you're looking for simple self-care gifts for women, bath bombs or shower steamers are ideal. This small yet meaningful gift is perfect for a rejuvenating bath or shower.

Since there are so many options, including ice cream scoop bath bombs, a DIY bath bomb kit, and CBD shower steamers, this present is easy to customize for your recipient.

Face Mask

Applying a face mask is one of the best ways to relax. Not only is it beneficial for the skin, but it also allows you to take a moment to yourself.

A Jade Gemstone Relaxation Mask is ideal for treating puffy eyes and soothing facial muscles, while a Sheet Mask Set is great for an at-home date night or DIY spa day with a friend or mom. 

Stainless Steel Tumbler

The best self-care is often a delicious, cold beverage, and Oakwell Cosmetics Stainless Steel Tumbler is perfect for this. 

The tumbler's triple-wall, insulated stainless steel material keeps a cocktail, mocktail, beer, or wine refreshingly cold. Its leak-proof lid makes for easy sipping while taking a bath, sitting by the campfire, or unwinding on the couch. You can choose from a blue or green tumbler, both colors that represent calmness.

Oakwell Stainless Steel Tumblers blue, green

Therapy Dough

Remember how fun and calming playing with Play-Doh was as a child? Therapy Dough is similar to that for adults. It's made like clay art therapists use and infused with essential oils that support self-care. 

Therapy Dough is easy to play with while watching TV, listening to music, or taking a break at work. It comes in three scents: lavender for calmness, eucalyptus for relaxation, and orange for a mood boost. 

Beer Body Lotion

One of our favorite self-care gifts for women is Oakwell Cosmetics Beer Body Lotion. It’s made with a rejuvenating blend of beer ingredients, shea butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. Its scent is also comforting, with a vanilla and orange aroma, making it nearly impossible not to feel calm when massaging it into the skin.

Beer Body Lotion

Essential Oil Diffuser

Inhaling essential oils can release hormones that can help regulate various functions, including mood, sleep, and digestion. An essential oil diffuser is the perfect gift for promoting self-care, especially for women who enjoy calming scents. 

With so many essential oil diffusers to choose from, you can select the best one for your gift recipient, including a diffuser with a sleek look, one with colorful lights, and another with a floral design.

Some of the best essential oils for self-care are lavender for calmness, peppermint for clarity and energy, and tea tree to purify the air.

Waffle Bath Robe

Oakwell Cosmetics Spa Robe is luxurious, lightweight, and 100% cotton. It's also one size fits all and has an adjustable belt for a comfortable fit. This is one of our go-to self-care gifts for women who enjoy creating an at-home spa experience.

White bath robe

Spa Foot Bath

Is your gift recipient on their feet a lot? They may like to keep their feet looking nice. A spa foot bath is a great self-care gift, and it's easy to use at home while watching TV, reading a book, or enjoying a drink. 

There are many spa foot baths to choose from, including a foot spa massager, a budget-friendly foot spa, and a collapsible soaking foot tub. 

DIY Craft

A recent study found that 79% of people feel less stress and anxiety when getting creative, and 69% feel more self-esteem and inner strength.

Give the gift of creativity with a DIY craft. There are so many fun options, including an embroidery kit for beginners, a candle-making craft, and a paper garden craft kit.

Relaxing Cedarwood & Amber Candle

Oakwell Cosmetics Cedarwood & Amber Candle is the perfect addition to a warm bath, reading a book in bed, or a calm movie night. It's reminiscent of cozy days with cedarwood that creates a soothing atmosphere and amber with a sweet, warm scent. 

It's also 100% soy wax and made with chestnut, vanilla, and tonka bean, which also encourages relaxation. We especially love how long-lasting the Cedarwood & Amber Candle is, with about 80 hours of burning time. 

Relaxing candle in a green jar

Heated Back and Shoulder Wrap 

Treat the special woman in your life to thermal therapy with a Heated Back and Shoulder Wrap. This is a unique way to relieve muscle tension and sore muscles while feeling like you’re at the spa.

The wrap is easy for anyone to use. Simply heat it in the microwave and wrap up in it while lying down in bed, watching TV, or reading a book.

Spa Day Gift Box

Gift a self-care package with Oakwell Cosmetics Full-Pour Therapy Gift Box. This is ideal for creating an at-home spa day, with a nourishing bath and cold beverage. The gift box includes a Stainless Steel Tumbler, Herbal Bath Tea, and Beer Soap. 

Gift box with tumbler, soap, and beer bath tea

Skin and Hair Care Gift Box

If your gift recipient enjoys skin and haircare, they’ll love the Oakwell Cosmetics Taster Beer Therapy Gift Box. It comes with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion, all infused with nourishing beer ingredients. It also has a conditioning beer hair mask to apply and let sit in your hair while relaxing in the bath. 

Each product is the sample size, so it's easy to try them out or travel with.

Self-Care Gifts for Women: Conclusion

We hope you found the perfect gift to support self-care. From calming bath salts and a spa robe to an essential oil diffuser and DIY crafts, there’s something for everyone!

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