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17 Relaxing Gifts for Moms: Give the Gift of Self-Care

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Moms are some of the busiest people. Not only do they deserve time for relaxation, but it’s also necessary for supporting their well-being. In this article, we’ll share the best relaxing gifts for moms.

Discover practical, unique, and fun gifts, including a self-care journal, calming bath salts, meal delivery, and a color-changing mug. Whether you’re looking for relaxing Mother’s Day gifts or just because presents, there’s something special for all moms below.

One Question a Day for Self-Care: 3-Year Journal

While self-care and relaxation aren’t always so easy, the One Question a Day for Self-Care journal makes it more attainable. The special mother in your life can prioritize her emotional well-being even if she only has a few minutes to spare.

One Question a Day for Self-Care asks questions like, “What do you love most about yourself?” and “What provides you the most joy?” There’s a different question for each day of the year, and each question has space to answer for the next three years.

Personalized Book Nook

Invite the special mom in your life to relax with a good book and drink. The Personalized Book Nook has a dedicated spot for a book, glasses, drink, and phone. It’s made of beautiful acacia wood, and you can customize the book stand with a name or decorative icon. 

It’s easy to carry the Personalized Book Nook from place to place, or it can stay in its cozy spot and serve as nice decor. It also has a soft, scratchless base, so the surface it sits on is protected. 

Herbal Bath Tea

If you’re looking for the best stress relief gifts for moms who enjoy taking baths, Oakwell Cosmetics Herbal Bath Tea is ideal. It’s a nourishing bath tea that offers a rejuvenating experience.

Simply place the tea bag in a warm bath or hang it under the bath spot, sit back, and relax. The Herbal Bath Tea is infused with beer ingredients and eucalyptus, which have nutrients that support relaxation. The ingredients also cleanse, moisturize, and protect the skin, supporting hydration and a natural glow.

Relaxing Beer Bath Tea

Calming Bath Salts

Let mom take her bath experience up a notch with Oakwell Calming Bath Salts, a therapeutic mixture of minerals, herbs, and essential oils.

The Calming Bath Salts are made with Epsom and sea salt, beer’s main ingredients (hops and barley), and oatmeal. This blend calms joints and muscles, making it easy to relax, which can also improve sleep. It also hydrates the skin and has an uplifting herbal aroma.

Calming Bath Salts

Beer-Infused Soap

Some of our favorite ​​relaxing gifts for moms are Oakwell Cosmetics Beer Body Soaps. They’re a fun way to enhance a bath or shower experience.

Oakwell Cosmetics Beer Body Soaps are infused with beer’s beneficial ingredients, hops and barley. Choose from the Charcoal & Blonde Ale, Lemongrass Lager, Brown Ale & Oats Beer Soap – each with its own unique blend of natural ingredients and oils to nourish the skin.

Oakwell Cosmetics soaps

Beer Body Wash

If your gift recipient prefers body wash over soap, Oakwell Cosmetics Beer Body Wash is an excellent option. It’s a creamy body wash with a purifying blend of botanical extracts and beer ingredients, leaving the skin feeling clean and rejuvenated. 

Oakwell Cosmetics Beer Body Wash hydrates the skin, smells fresh, and helps make a shower or bath feel soothing.

Oakwell Cosmetics Body Wash

Beer Shampoo and Conditioner

Moms who appreciate hair care love Oakwell Cosmetics Shampoo and Conditioner. Choose the moisturizing or strengthening shampoo and conditioner for a unique blend of nourishing ingredients.

Oakwell Cosmetics shampoos and conditioners are made with beer ingredients hops and barley, which contain vitamins and proteins that support clean, healthy hair. They also have other natural ingredients, like aloe vera, cedarwood, and honey, to support conditioned hair that looks and smells great.

Beer Body Lotion

Oakwell Cosmetics Beer Body Lotion is a nourishing blend of beer ingredients, shea butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. It’s the perfect lotion to apply after a warm shower. It also has an amazing vanilla and orange aroma. It’s nearly impossible not to feel calm and happy while massaging it into the skin and after.

Oakwell Cosmetics Lotion

Waffle Bath Towel

All moms deserve a spa day, and Oakwell Cosmetics Waffle Bath Towel offers a luxurious spa-like feeling after a shower. The Waffle Bath Towel is made with 100% natural cotton and is free of harmful toxins. It’s also lightweight, super soft, and quick-dry.

Waffle Bath Towel

Towel Warmer

Pair the Waffle Bath Towel with a towel warmer for the ultimate at-home spa experience. What better way to feel cozy and relaxed even after a soothing shower?

Towel warmers have a heater that heats towels while you’re in the shower or bath, so your towel can be cozy when you’re ready to use it. Drying off with a warm towel is the best way to stay cozy and relaxed after a shower. A towel warmer can also dry towels after use.

Spa Robe

Oakwell Cosmetics Spa Robe is luxurious and lightweight. It’s made of 100% cotton and is one size fits all, with an adjustable belt for a comfortable fit. It’s perfect for cozy self-care and makes for a great gift paired with other Oakwell Cosmetics spa day items.

At-Home Spa Day
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Meal Delivery

Meal delivery is one of the best relaxing gifts for moms who enjoy cooking but might not have the time or energy to create meals and gather ingredients. A meal delivery service sends kits with all the items your recipient needs to prepare delicious meals, eliminating tedious cooking tasks. 

Most meal delivery services allow you to choose which meals you want to prepare, include high-quality ingredients, and accommodate specific dietary needs.

Here are a few of the best options:

Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

What better way to unwind than with a delicious, cold beverage? We love the Oakwell Cosmetics Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler because it keeps a cocktail, mocktail, beer, or wine icy cold. 

This tumbler comes in blue or green – both colors that symbolize tranquility. It has a leak-proof lid for easy sipping while taking a bath, sitting by a campfire, or relaxing on the couch.

Blue and Green Oakwell Stainless Steel Tumblers

Cool Mom, Hot Mom Mug

One of the best stress-relief gifts for mom is a fun mug to enjoy tea or coffee from. The Cool Mom, Hot Mom Mug changes colors and words depending on the temperature of the drink.

When the mug is empty, or the drink cools down, it turns blue and says “Cool Mom.” When her hot drink is in it, it turns orange and says, “Hot Mom.”

Relaxing Cedarwood & Amber Candle

Oakwell Cosmetics Cedarwood & Amber Candle pairs perfectly with relaxation. The cedarwood creates a calming atmosphere and the amber offers a sweet, warm scent. 

The candle is 100% soy wax and is also made with chestnut, vanilla, and tonka bean, which all support a cozy environment. The best part about Oakwell Cosmetics Cedarwood & Amber Candle is that it’s long-lasting and burns for about 80 hours. 

Cedarwood and Amber Candle

Spa Gift Box

One of the easiest yet most meaningful relaxing gifts for moms is a spa gift box, which makes unwinding convenient. 

Oakwell Cosmetics Full-Pour Therapy Gift Box includes the Stainless Steel Tumbler, Herbal Bath Tea, and Beer Soap. This is the perfect self-care gift for a nourishing bath with a cold drink and revitalizing bath blend and soap.

Relaxing spa gift basket

Skin and Haircare Gift Box

Oakwell Cosmetics Taster Beer Therapy Gift Box is ideal for any mom who enjoys skin and hair care. It includes beer-infused shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. It also has a conditioning beer hair mask to wear while relaxing in the bath. 

All of the items in the Taster Beer Therapy Gift Box are also sample sizes, so this is an excellent gift to travel with. 

Relaxing Gifts for Mom: Conclusion

We hope you found this article helpful and found the perfect calming or stress relief gifts for mom. Whether your gift recipient enjoys skincare, cooking, or reading, a gift that encourages calming activities they enjoy is one of the most meaningful you can give. 

Give the Gift of Relaxation
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