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Jun 21, 2024 7 min read By: Polly Clover

20 Fun Summer Date Ideas (Indoor & Outdoor Activities)

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Keep the spark alive in your relationship, or get to know someone new this summer! In this article, we’ll share fun summer date ideas with indoor and outdoor activities.

Below, you’ll find active, at-home, budget-friendly, and cute summer dates. Whether you want to go rock climbing together, enjoy a DIY spa date, have a picnic, or see an outdoor movie, there’s something special for all couples.

Active Summer Date Ideas

Whether you’re going on a first day and want a simple way to break the ice, or you and your partner enjoy adventures, these active summertime dates are ideal.

1. Go to an Amusement Park

Take it old school with an amusement park date. Going to the amusement park is a fun way to spend quality time together, especially for a first date. If you don’t have one in your city, consider taking a day trip to one nearby.

Spend the day enjoying rides and playing games together. This is the perfect opportunity to take fun pictures, too!

couple riding carousel for summer date at amusement park

2. Join a Fitness Class

If you and your significant other like fitness or want to start exercising more, a fitness class is a great way to do this while spending time together. Make it exciting by joining a workout class you haven’t done before. Fun ideas include Zumba, yoga, or pilates.

Extend your fitness class date and treat yourselves to lunch, dinner, or a drink afterward.

3. Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the best ways to connect on a date. It’s a bit of a challenge, but you can inspire each other to make it to the top.

Enjoy the warm weather if you have a nearby park with rock climbing, or see if there’s a rock climbing gym near you. Most rock climbing gyms have options for all levels, whether it’s your first time or you’ve done it many times before.

4. Take a Road Trip

Road trips are a classic summer date idea. This is one of the best ways to get to know a new love interest or re-spark the romance in a long-term relationship.

Whether you take a day trip to explore a city near you or spend a few days road-tripping, make it a fun adventure. Create a road trip music playlist and make stops along the way to explore new areas. To add extra adventure to your road trip, consider making it a camping trip!

5. Go Hiking

Appreciate the warm weather, summer sunshine, and natural beauty on a hiking date. Most areas have hiking trails of various levels, so you can find the perfect one for you and your date. If there’s not much hiking near you, you can also look for a park with walking paths.

If you want to take your hiking date up a notch, pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on a break or after the hike.

couple hiking together for a summer date

At-Home Summer Date Ideas

If you’re looking to stay cool indoors and relax at home, these at-home dates are ideal for keeping things simple but fun.

6. Do a Craft Together

Getting creative together is one of the best ways to spend time with each other without too much pressure. You can focus on your crafts and spend quality time together.

Best of all, there are many options for this, whether you want to complete a home project or do a couple’s craft kit.

7. Treat Yourselves to a DIY Spa Day

Make time for self-care and spending time with your partner this summer with an at-home spa day. This is a great way to relax together, spend quality time, and reconnect. You can also use this time to treat your skin to some love, which it often needs during summer’s heat and warm weather.

Our favorite spa date recipe includes:

Create Your Spa Day
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8. Have a Game Night

Playing games is an easy way to have fun together at home. Game nights are also a good go-to for new couples and those who have been together for a while.

You can also make this a double date by inviting another couple to play a few board and card games together.

two people playing monopoly

9. Plan a Vacation Together

Have you and your partner been wanting to take a vacation together? Spend an at-home date night planning a romantic getaway. This is also a unique idea for long-distance couples because you can do this virtually on video chat.

Enjoy dinner at home or take out while chatting about where and when you want to go. Then, do some research together to plan your travel, accommodations, and activities.

10. Write Love Letters to Each Other

Spark the romance by writing love letters to each other for your next at-home date. Make it a whole date night with dinner, drinks, and music.

Spend time writing your letters, then sharing them with each other. This is perfect if you’re celebrating an anniversary or other milestone or trying to reconnect with your significant other.

Affordable or Free Summer Date Ideas

There are many options for budget-friendly dates this summer. Many of these are also great for double dates!

11. Go on an Ice Cream Date

What better summer treat than ice cream? Take your date to a local ice cream shop and hang out together while enjoying a delicious treat.

You can also make this an at-home date by making a DIY ice cream bar with your favorite ice cream and toppings.

two people holding ice cream cones

12. Enjoy a Picnic Together

Enjoy the summer weather, scenery, and each other with a picnic. You can do this at your local park, the beach, or in your backyard. 

Some of our favorite summertime picnic bites are cheese and crackers, sandwiches, fruits, or even a homemade meal. Don’t forget a picnic blanket, eating supplies, and drinks.

13. Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteering makes everyone happy, including you, your partner, and those you help, and it’s a great way to work together for a good cause without splurging on a fancy date.

Find an organization or upcoming event in your area where you can volunteer. Options include your local animal shelter, hospital, food bank, or church.

14. Have a Campfire

One of the best cozy summer date ideas is sitting by a campfire. Spend this time getting to know each other, planning for your future, or telling fun stories. 

Don’t forget to make a fun drink to enjoy by the fire, too! Oakwell Cosmetics Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers keep your drink icy cold, even by a campfire. They also have a leak-proof lid for easy sipping. The tumblers come in blue and green so you and your date can have your own colors.

couple having a beach campfire for a summer date

15. Watch the Sunset

Summer sunsets are some of the best, and watching the sunset together is a romantic, affordable date idea. Head to a local park, beach, or other outdoor area to see the sunset.

Add an extra touch of romance with a bottle of wine or champagne and a blanket you can cozy up together on.

Cute Summer Date Ideas

Spend quality time together on a cute summer date, whether you’re a new or long-time couple.

16. Go Berry Picking

Bring your inner children out together with a berry-picking date this summer! If there’s a local farm near you, go pick berries. Then, you can use them to make a fun recipe together, like a berry pie or ice cream.

17. Go to a Wine Tasting

If you have a winery in your area, a wine tasting is a fun activity, especially if there’s an on-site vineyard. Even if there’s one a couple of hours away, this could be the perfect day trip!

Sip wine and enjoy conversation together. Most vineyards will also take you on a tour for a fun, new memory.

woman drinking wine at a vineyard

18. Take a Cooking Class Together

Learn how to make a new recipe together this summer at a cooking class. Many cooking schools host summer-themed classes, like a BBQ dinner or summer dessert.

Cooking together is an intimate way to connect with each other. You can also make it more romantic by booking a private cooking class.

19. Enjoy a Spa Day

Spa days are one of our favorite summer date ideas for couples who want to pamper themselves. There are many spa benefits, including enjoying time together, reducing stress, and getting better sleep. Spa days are also nice for escaping the summer heat and relaxing indoors.

Many spas also offer date packages, so look into this if you want to plan something special.

20. See a Movie

Spend quiet, quality time together while watching a good movie. Escape the heat at an indoor movie or enjoy evening summer temperatures at an outdoor movie.

If you want to enjoy an outdoor movie but don’t have the option in your area, you can create your own! Put a projector up in your backyard or take your laptop outside, cozy up together, and stream a movie.

Summer Date Ideas: Conclusion

We hope you found this article helpful and are inspired to plan a fun summer date. Make time to get to know someone new or re-spark the romance with your significant other with a special date idea.

There are many options, whether you want to get active outdoors, enjoy an at-home spa day, or volunteer together in your community.


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