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In this blog, we compile a list of articles focused on beer-infused cosmetics, wellness, well-being, lifestyle, and everything related to self-care. Enjoy the fun.

Does Beer Help Beard Growth? And Beer Beard-Care Products
Discover how beer can help beard growth and the best beer-infused products to support a healthy beard.
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man looking at beard growth in mirror and touching beard
Is Beer Good for Hair? And the Best Beer-Infused Hair Products
In this article, we discuss whether beer is good for hair. We’ll also explore how you can use beer for your hair and the best beer hair care products.
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beer for hair products
How to Choose the Right Shampoo (Moisturizing vs. Strengthening)
Let’s discuss how to choose the right shampoo. We’ll keep it simple with moisturizing vs strengthening shampoo, which are the best options for most people’s hair.
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woman touching hair for how to choose the right shampoo
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