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Jan 12, 2024 5 min read By: Polly Clover

Great Valentine's Gifts for Him (Best Gifts in 2024)

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a special man in your life? In this article, we’re sharing great Valentine's gifts for him, with something for everyone, including beer lovers, sentimental guys, and long-distance partners.

Most of these gifts can be conveniently delivered to your front door or the recipient’s. If you’re looking for a gift for someone besides your partner – like Dad or adult son – check out a Beer-Inspired Spa Gift Basket or Whiskey Making Kit.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

From sentimental gifts like a What I Love About You Book and fun kissing mugs to experiences like an at-home spa date to a romantic getaway, we have the best unique ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • What I Love About You Book
  • Date Night Bucket List
  • Beer-Inspired At-Home Spa Day
  • Beer-Inspired Spa Gift Basket
  • Intersection of Love Photo Print
  • Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set
  • Kissing Mugs
  • A Romantic Getaway
  • Picnic Basket with Table
  • The Date Night Cookbook
  • Whiskey Making Kit
  • Date Night Gift Set

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1. What I Love About You Book

What I Love About You books became popular a few years ago, and they’re still around because they’re one of the best romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day that can make anyone smile.

If you haven’t given one of these to your love yet, the What I Love About You by Me Giftbook provides fill-in-the-blank prompts to express yourself to your loved one. It’s the perfect keepsake your honey can cherish forever!

2. Date Night Bucket List

Give the gift of adventure by creating a date night bucket list together. This gift lets you and your partner write down date night bucket list ideas on birchwood sticks to keep in the jar it comes in.

If you like DIY projects or need this gift right away, this is also a creative gift you can make on your own!  After sharing the experience together, you can write the date on the back of the stick as a memory keepsake.

3. Beer-Inspired At-Home Spa Day

If your love enjoys self-care or needs a moment to relax, create an at-home spa day. You can enjoy it together or let them unwind solo.

Oakwell Cosmetics has various beer-inspired products for the ultimate spa day:

Oakwell Cosmetics Calming Bath Salts

4. Beer-Inspired Spa Gift Basket

Give the gift of a ready-made spa gift basket.

The Full-Pour Beer Therapy Gift Basket has beer bath tea, a nourishing soap bar, and a tumbler. It’s the ideal gift for relaxation, with unique items that make for a memorable gift.

The Taster Beer Therapy Gift Box has a beer-infused shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and hair mask. This is a fun gift for men who enjoy skincare, and the small containers are perfect for travel or trying out new products.

Oakwell Cosmetics Beer Therapy Gift Basket

5. Intersection of Love Photo Print

Gift a special memory – an Intersection of Love Photo Print that represents the moment your path crossed with your loved one’s. Each print is personalized just for you with your and your partner’s names and the important dates you share.

6. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

If you’re looking for great Valentine’s gifts for him while in a long-distance relationship, the Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set is perfect. It’s also fun for couples who travel apart sometimes or spend long days away from each other.

You or your partner can send your love long distance through these connected bracelets. When you touch one bracelet, the other lights up and vibrates. They’re also waterproof, so you can wear them all the time.

7. Kissing Mugs

Do you and your love like drinking coffee or tea? The Kissing Mugs are shaped like faces, and when the mugs touch, they kiss. This is a fun gift for almost any couple!

8.  A Romantic Getaway

Did you know 63% of adults prefer an experience gift over material? Experiences are the best way to spend quality time and make new memories together, so consider planning a romantic trip for your Valentine’s gift for him. 

Your trip can be as simple but fun as a quick day trip nearby or plan a weekend or week-long vacation. To gift your romantic getaway, wrap the itinerary or an item related to your destination.

9. Picnic Basket with Table

One of our favorite Valentine’s gifts for men is a picnic basket you can also use for a new and unique experience. This insulated picnic basket is lightweight and doubles as a table. Take this gift up a notch by taking your loved one on a picnic and then gifting them their basket.

10. The Date Night Cookbook

If you and your partner enjoy cooking together or want a new activity to try, The Date Night Cookbook is a great Valentine’s gift for him. It features tasty recipes of all kinds for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The stunning photos are also fun to get cozy and look at together while you find your must-try recipes.

Cook and eat delicious food together to know your new love connection or reconnect with someone you’ve been with for months or years.

11. Whiskey Making Kit

If the man in your life likes whiskey, gift a Whiskey Making Kit for a unique activity solo, with friends, and or with you. 

The kit includes everything you need for making whiskey (besides the alcohol), including wood chips, botanicals, two glass bottles, and a recipe guidebook. It also has cool stainless steel Whiskey cubes to use long after the Whiskey-making activity.

12. Date Night Subscription Box

A date night subscription box means no excuse to ever miss date night again. Have a unique date delivered right to your door with everything you need to execute the perfect activity. 

DateBox Club has various subscription packages with themed dates designed to help couples enjoy a new, fun activity together each month – paint night, truth or dare Jenga, and more.

Great Valentine’s Gifts for Him: Conclusion

Valentine’s gifts for men are a fun and thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation. From experience gifts with an at-home spa day, date night, or romantic getaway to a keepsake like the What I Love About You Book, we hope you found the perfect gift. 

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