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Feb 2, 2024 6 min read By: Polly Clover

15 Best Relaxation Gifts to Help Anyone Slow Down and Unwind

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Relaxation doesn’t always come easy. When life gets busy or stressful, we often need help finding calmness. Give the gift of respite with these unique relaxation gifts, with something for everyone.

Keep it simple with a coloring book or candle, go all out with a comfort meal or meaningful experience, or get creative and personalize a gift basket. In this article, we’ll share our favorite gifts for relaxation for a loved one, coworker, neighbor, or even yourself.

What is a good gift for relaxation?

The best relaxation gifts are anything that supports your recipient in finding tranquility or happiness, even if only for a few minutes. Coloring books, bath salts, comfort food, and plants are all excellent options.

We’ll share our go-to relaxation gift ideas below, with specific examples and ideas for gifting.



Coloring Book

Coloring is a stress reliever for children and adults. According to Joel Bobby, a licensed independent clinical social worker, coloring calms the brain and relaxes the body.

You can find coloring books of all kinds appropriate for any age person, for the ideal relaxation gift for anyone.

Neck or Body Massager

People who experience stress often tense up their bodies without even realizing it, making it even harder to feel relaxed. A neck or body massager is a calming way for someone to take a break and tend to their body.

Calming Bath Salts

Baths calm your parasympathetic nervous system, which activates relaxation. Your loved one can take this up a notch with calming bath salts with a refreshing blend of herbs, minerals, and essential oils. And who doesn't love to kick back in a warm bath after a stressful day?

A Comfort Meal

Did you know eating comfort food can boost serotonin, the calming brain chemical? Sometimes, the best way to take a breather is to enjoy a delicious meal prepared for us. 

Whether a friend, family member or child needs relaxation, make or buy their favorite meal. You might also ask them to join out for a meal.

Essential Oils

Essential oils, especially lavender and lemon oil, are some of the best relaxation gifts because they can offer anxiety relief, boost mood, and support proper sleep.

It’s important to choose high-quality essential oils by:

  • Making sure it includes the plant’s Latin name
  • Buying from a reputable company with reviews
  • Choosing dark-colored glass containers that protect the quality over time

Relaxing Candle

Oakwell Cosmetics Relaxing Candle

Not only do candles create a warm, calming atmosphere, but some have ingredients that support relaxation.
Oakwell Cosmetics Relaxing Cedarwood & Amber Candle is our favorite because it’s made with healing ingredients:

  • Cedarwood: a therapeutic oil from cedar trees
  • Bergamot: an uplifting citrus fruit
  • Amber: a tree bark resin that offers a warm, sweet scent

Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness cards are perfect if you're looking for relaxation gift ideas for someone who needs to slow down and ground themselves. These can encourage us to breathe, reflect, and connect with our minds and bodies. Some offer positive affirmations, while others give helpful exercises, with many options to give the perfect gift.

Flowers or Plant

woman holding yellow and orange flowers

Research shows that plants are associated with positive feelings and productivity. They also help us lower blood pressure and overcome stress. But this is tricky when we spend most of our time indoors.

The solution? Indoor flowers or plants. If you have a loved one who needs a smile or is experiencing stress, give a bouquet of flowers or a nice plant for a quick mood booster.

An Experience

Give a unique gift for relaxation with an experience. Between work, chores, and other obligations, time to relax can fall to the bottom of the priority list.

If you know someone who could use time to unwind, enjoy an experience together. It can be something as simple as going on a walk or getting dessert together, or you can make a day of it with a road trip or DIY project.

Stress Ball

Sometimes, a little release is all we need to feel calm. A stress ball is a simple gift and way to find relaxation. Your gift recipient can take it on the go, keep it on their desk, or use it while watching TV. This is perfect for adults and children!

Spa Gift Card

Spa days are easily one of the best ways to unwind. There’s not much better during a stressful time than spending time in a tranquil environment and treating yourself. Most spas have gift cards you can purchase online for convenience, and your loved one can enjoy their spa day at a time that suits them best.

Spa Gift Basket

Oakwell Cosmetics Gift Basket for relaxation with soap, tumbler, and beer bath tea

Give the gift of a spa day at home with a therapeutic spa gift basket. Oakwell Cosmetics gift boxes are amazing for a relaxing spa day and help create a unique beer-inspired experience.

Fun fact: beer-infused products have ingredients that promote relaxation, whether you drink beer or not.

The Full-Pour Beer Therapy Gift Box has:

  • A double-wall, stainless steel tumbler to keep your beverage chilled in the bath
  • An herbal beer bath tea that cleanses, nourishes, and hydrates the skin
  • A charcoal and blonde ale soap that cleanses, rejuvenates, and protects the skin

The Taster Beer Therapy Gift Box has:

  • A strengthening shampoo and conditioner for a luxurious hair treatment
  • A beer body wash that smells amazing and revitalizes your skin
  • A beer body lotion that also smells incredible and softens your skin
  • A beer hair mask to treat and restore your hair

Cozy Bath Robe

Oakwell Cosmetics white, waffle bath robe

What’s an at-home spa day without a cozy bath robe? It’s easy to relax after a long day when you can take a self-care bath and finish with a comfortable and luxurious robe that feels like you’re at a fancy spa.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is one of the best relaxation gifts for anyone who struggles to sleep well, has anxiety, or needs extra comfort to relax. The design is heavier than a usual blanket, offering deep pressure stimulation to calm the nervous system and induce a sense of calmness. 

Eye Mask

Sometimes relaxing enough to close our eyes doesn’t come so easy. The weight of an eye mask can help with this as it offers a calming feeling and makes it easier to close our eyes. This is the perfect gift for relaxation for anyone who needs extra rest for a pick-me-up.

Create a Relaxation Kit

Do you have someone in your life who needs a mood booster or struggles to prioritize relaxation? Maybe it’s a friend, coworker, or even yourself.

Support them with a fun relaxation kit filled with calming gifts on our list, like bath salts, a relaxing candle, and an eye mask. You can also personalize it with their favorite treat and a handwritten note.

What do you get someone who struggles with mental health?

If your loved one or gift recipient struggles with mental health, get them something that brings comfort. Everyone is different, so try to be mindful of what usually brings a smile to them and keep it simple so it’s not overwhelming. This could be their favorite snack or a note of encouragement.

If it's someone who enjoys or needs self-care, you might get them unique shower products. You could get them a comforting sleep gift if they like or need extra rest.

The Best Relaxation Gifts: Conclusion

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect gift for relaxation. Don’t forget to treat yourself too! 

Oakwell Cosmetics believes everyone deserves relaxation, and calming gifts are important for all. We offer unique, beer-inspired relaxation gifts delivered to your door – or your gift recipient's door!


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